Software Defined Storage Solutions

Take advantage of a leading Storage Solution, offering technical solutions and economical benefits which helps add value to the IT manager and your Business.

The burdens faced by IT departments in managing and maintaining existing infrastructure are a distraction from modern-day requirements of greater focus on business requirements. The idea of doing more with less is commonplace and is one of the prominent reasons for suppliers and end users alike to look for and develop newer technologies that can sustain the pressures of the 3rd Platform. 

In research made by IDC and sponsored by Red Hat, IDC sees the following business values of software-defined storage: 

  • Investment protection is enabled by modular design of software-defined systems and seamless nondisruptive process of adding and/or replacing individual nodes. 
  • Easy and quick deployments, upgrades, and refresh cycle of SDS will save organizations time and money. 
  • Organizations can grow scale performance and/or capacity as required with ease based on requirements. 
  • Nondisruptive system or component upgrades or replacement allows businesses to function normally. 
  • Software investments can be preserved when refreshing hardware. 

500 IT decision makers associated with storage were interviewed to better understand the current storage landscape and issues caused by data growth, architectural rigidity, and limited budgets. Learn more about their views here 

The Economics of Software-Defined Storage

Businesses can save a significant amount of money by adopting software-defined storage. Over a five-year period, procuring server hardware with internal disks and deploying a software-based storage solution such as Red Hat Gluster Storage and Red Hat Ceph Storage can save businesses over 60% and 46%, respectively, compared with a competitive NAS solution. 


Understanding Data storage

Data storage has come a long way since the days with disk systems. Read more about software-defined-, cloud-, network-attached and object storage here

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