Remote Backup – a key feature of IT security

Secure your data – Affordable monthly payments and free setup.

With remote backup your company data is automatically copied securely. The benefits of this solution include protecting your company from hazards, such fire, a guarantee that copies are made every day, the possibility to regenerate lost data, etc. 

Synack provides this solution at an affordable monthly fee and offers free setup. 

In October 2013 the Synack team visited a data centre in Denmark to study its facilities and procedures. The visit included a tour of the data centre, which is in a bank vault underground. 

The visit was part of our continuous efforts to ensure that we have competitive solutions to offer the Faroese market. Having studied the centre’s technical and security features in order to guarantee that our services meet the highest international standards, we took the following steps:

  • Obtained IT-Audit declarations from all subcontractors, which we can show on request. 
  • Familiarised ourselves with the legislation in the area. 
  • Know what is required to ensure a secure IT environment. 
  • We can offer solutions at competitive prices. 

We can offer affordable monthly payments and free setup of remote backups, call us on +298 20 11 11 or e-mail to us at for further information about the price of a solution tailored to your business needs.

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