How we work


Initial Conversation

First Meeting- Review of your needs and requirements


Free Overview Report

Free report -  Containing our recommendations and suggestions


Request for Tender

You decide if you wish us to perform further investigations and continue the work


Co-operation starts

Preparation, analyses and time plan will be done


Work Commences

We begin performing the work to the specifications as agreed


Our Partnership Starts

We arrange a meeting or a teleconference, whichever suits you best. At the meeting you explain your needs and the task that needs solving. We will then usually present you with a proposal or a quote. 

If you would like an extensive review of your IT system that results in a proposal from our side, it will, unless agreed otherwise, incur a fee. 

The meeting is free and not binding.

Once we have examined the problem that needs solving, we will present a proposal and a quote detailing:

  • what needs to be done
  • how much it will cost
  • how long the work will take
  • whether and how the work will affect your regular operations
  • how your IT system can, in our opinion, become even better

We have extensive experience in reviewing proposals and quotes with our clients in order to correct any potential misunderstandings. 

This is also free and not binding, unless otherwise agreed at our first meeting.


Analysis of Requirements


We Start Working Together

Once the parties agree on what is to be done our cooperation can begin. 

If Synack manages your IT and you hear nothing from us, it is because everything is running smoothly. We do, however, strive to communicate regularly with our clients, so we will call or visit you just to explain how things are going. Also when all is well.

We believe that good communicating with our clients is the key to success for all parties. We therefore want to be more than just a supplier, we want to be your partner.

Would you like to know more? Write a message below and we will get back to you!