About Us

About Synack

Synack is a company specialised within designing, implementing and running IT infrastructure for businesses in Scandinavia. We have broad IT knowledge and solve both larger and smaller tasks for companies and institutions. We always strive to provide our clients with an independent consulting, whether it is as  the customers advisor's overseeing tenders or implementing new solutions, the customer's needs is always at our focus ensuring the best solution.

Our goal is to always create a good cooperation with our customers and to ad value to their business. We therefore have high requirements for ourself, where innovation and being updated on the newest trends is of the essence.  This will ensure that all parties get the maximum benefit. A part of this, is having certified staff.

In Synack, we work based on the following mission and vision:


The goal is to have good and well-organized communication with our customers, with great emphasis on putting forward the right solutions  and developing them at a competitive price. Our goal is that Synack is the best IT company on the market; both in terms of knowledge and price.


A high level of service that satisfies the customer's needs is the foundation and reason why Synack was founded. For the same reason, we always strive to maintain a high level of service, and we do it by having a good and well-organized communication with our customers.

We wish to offer our employees an exciting and developing working environment. This is to secure our mission that Synack should be the best company on the market; both in terms of knowledge and price. To be second to none requires that we always strive to offer our customers good solutions that our employees and Synack as a company can vouch for.

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